Along with his academic studies at Central Michigan University, he worked at WCMU TV as senior production student for six years.  For three years he was a free-lance videographer and video editor at CMU Media Relations and an assistant audio technician for live and recorded radio remotes at WCMU Public Radio.

He did lots of things on the technical side for us and made a big contribution for the development  of Moore Hall TV.

This was back when we had some really awful equipment.  Jeff was able to make it function,”

Dr. Peter Orlick said in an interview to CM LIFE.

A co worker at WCMU TV remembers him as good friend and a very sharp broadcaster.

He wrote,

“Jeff was well thought of, both in his technical abilities and as a person”.

In addition he spent endless hours at his church drafting and installing the electrical wiring for an entire Sunday school wing. And as he was also responsible for the installation and operation of an extensive sound system, one of the members was quoted to say,

“Jeff’s endless service in the areas of his expertise will long be remembered  by those who knew something of the behind the scenes work that he did especially on the sound and light.  It is also gratifying that he was able to complete his education and to use his skill and training in various jobs,” she said, and ended it with, “this has been a 33 year journey of faith for Jeff.  It is wonderful that he was able to accomplish so much –given his physical make up.”

College Graduation