Text Box: Jeff  became a donor bone and related tissue which was yet to be his greatest accomplishment

Bone and Tissue Donor

Written by Elizabeth Dandy

in memory to Jeffrey R. Vernon




In sick bay’s shadow lay the gifted bard

Christ’s poet waiting for a heart.

But there was none available in time,

To save the gentle poet and his rhyme.


In vain he waited long and there upon

He offered his own tissue, limb and bone.

For others’ gain the generous bard would give.

The vital parts others would need to live


But Christ the Lord, the saving Avitar,

made him amongst all Bards His choicest star.

Gave him a heart for bliss and power to intone

New songs of praise for ever and anon.



The nine months hospitalization

required much endurance,

patience and faith. Yet this was not the end.  After his death, and as the crowning act of his life, Jeff instead of becoming an organ recipient, was able to  become a donor of bone and related tissue. Jeff is still a giver, he is still living on in other people.  In fact the family has been notified that thus far 91 persons have already benefited by receiving much needed bone and skin grafts.

Jeff became the donor of life, which was yet to be his

greatest accomplishment.

Text Box: Yet this was not the end

The families who say yes to

donation, not only help

others, but also help themselves in their own grieving process.

I sought the Lord and He answered me; he delivered me from all my fears.

         Psalm 34:4